Y Type Control Valves

Single / Double Acting Y Type Control Valves

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Single and double-acting Y type control valves are mechanical devices used for controlling and regulating the flow of fluids in process control systems.They consist of a Y-shaped body with an inlet and two outlets, allowing for the diversion or merging of fluid flow.
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Location Area : Ludhiyana, Tamilnadu, Hydrabad, Gujrat, M.P, U.P, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Aasam, Bangal, Odisa, Telangana, Jalandhar.
Sector : Energy Plants, Oil Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Sugar Factories, Chemical Industries, Process Industries, Pharma Industries, Food Industries, Distillery plants etc.


Flexibility: Y type control valves provide flexibility in system design and operation, as they allow for diversion or merging of fluid flows, accommodating various process configurations.
Easy Maintenance: The Y-shaped body design of these valves facilitates easy access for maintenance, inspection, and cleaning, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.
Enhanced Reliability: Y type control valves are designed for reliable and long-lasting operation, with features such as sturdy construction, durable materials, and tight sealing to minimize leakage.
Customization: These valves can be customized with additional features like positioners, limit switches, or solenoid valves to enhance control and integration with automation systems.


Flow Control: Y type control valves offer precise control over fluid flow rates, allowing for accurate regulation and adjustment to meet specific process requirements.
Versatility: These valves can handle a wide range of fluids, including liquids, gases, and steam, making them versatile for various industrial applications.
Pressure Reduction: Y type control valves can be used to reduce high inlet pressures to lower outlet pressures, ensuring proper system operation and preventing equipment damage.
Noise and Cavitation Reduction: These valves are effective in reducing noise and preventing cavitation, which can occur when fluid pressure drops rapidly, by providing a gradual pressure reduction.