Manual Operated / Actuated Globe Valves

Manual Operated Globe Valves, Actuated Globe Valves

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A globe valve is a linear motion valve that controls the flow of fluid through a spherical-shaped disc. The disc is moved perpendicular to the flow direction to regulate the flow, offering precise control over the fluid passage.
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Precise flow control: Globe valves provide excellent flow control capabilities, allowing for precise adjustment of flow rates.
Good throttling characteristics: Globe valves are well-suited for throttling applications, where flow needs to be regulated and controlled.
Reliable sealing: When closed, globe valves provide a reliable seal, minimizing leakage and ensuring tight shutoff.
Versatility: Globe valves can handle various types of fluids, including liquids, gases, and steam, making them suitable for diverse applications.
Can handle high-pressure and high-temperature applications: Globe valves are designed to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature environments, making them suitable for demanding industrial applications.


Spherical-shaped disc:Globe valves have a disc that moves perpendicular to the flow, allowing for precise control over the flow rate.
Rising or non-rising stem:Globe valves can have a rising stem, where the stem moves up and down visibly as the valve opens and closes, or a non-rising stem, where the stem does not protrude from the valve body. Manual or automated operation: Globe valves can be operated manually using a handwheel or lever, or they can be automated using actuators for remote control.
Different end connections: Globe valves come with various end connections, including threaded, flanged, or welded ends, to suit different piping systems.


Precise flow regulation: Globe valves allow for fine-tuning of flow rates, making them suitable for applications that require precise control.
Versatile applications: Globe valves find applications in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and water treatment.
Reliable sealing: Globe valves provide a reliable seal, ensuring minimal leakage and safe operation.
Durability: With their robust construction and materials, globe valves are designed for long service life and can withstand harsh operating conditions.
Flexibility: Globe valves offer flexibility in control options, allowing for manual or automated operation depending on the application requirements.